Original Acrylic Paintings - Acrylic Art Paintings

My original acrylic paintings are the heart and soul of my business simply because I prefer painting with acrylic paints more than any other medium. With that being said I have a large variety of paintings in my stash. Most of my acrylic art paintings are filled with lots of color. And while I tend to become inspired from the beauty of the outdoors, every so often I get in the mood for abstract designs as well.

The sizes and prices of  my original acrylic paintings will vary. While the majority of the paintings that you see displayed here are painted on canvas some *may* be painted on wood.

Each original painting is created using non-toxic acrylic paints and is subsequently varnished for lasting protection. I also attach a sawtooth hanger to the back edge of each painting so when you place your order and then receive your shipment you simply open the package and...voila! Your orignial art painting is ready to hang!

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Original Acrylic Paintings - Acrylic Art Paintings