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This set of hand painted bird magnets features an adorable bird that looks to be very tired! Hence the name 'Tired Bird'! These fun magnets will be a colorful addition to your refrigerator magnets.

Each magnet was created using a small piece of wood that I hand painted with acrylic paints and then varnished for protection. On the back I glued a heavy 3/4" wide circular magnet that is 1/8" thick.

The first magnet measures 2" tall x 2.25" wide x 3/4" thick. The background is painted in what I call a 'gradient' design...bright yellow blending into a pink shade. It is adorned with a whimsical bird design that I saw in a dream I had one night...she looks tired to me hence the name 'Tired Bird'.

The second magnet measures 3.25" tall x 1.5" wide x 3/8" thick. It also has a gradient colored background...pale purple that blends downward into orange that blends into bright yellow. Perhaps you could describe it as a morning sky the sky might look some morning when the sun rises. Then I detailed it with my 'Tired Bird' finding a worm, a tree and a daisy here and there popping up in the green grass.

The third and final magnet in this series measures 3.5" tall x 1.75" wide x .25" thick. This magnet, like the others, has a gradient style background...pale lilac blending downward into pink. Sort of how the sky looks at twilight. Then I painted my 'Tired Bird' sitting in her nest ready for a good night's rest!

I call this my 'Tired Bird' series bcause one night as I drifted off to sleep I saw this image in my head...a tired looking blue bird...perhaps the tired bird was me!

These magnets are whimsical, colorful and unique. I enjoyed creating them! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know...I'm glad to help however I can.

Thank you for looking!

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'Bird Magnets' - Set of (3) Fun Hand Painted Magnets - $10.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

Bird Magnets - Bird Magnet - Fun Magnets - Copyright 2009 by Jane M. Loedding of Jane Loedding Art
Bird Magnets - Bird Magnet - Fun Magnets

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