Fish Magnets - Cute Magnets - Decorative Magnets

This cute set of fish magnets are colorful and decorative. Fridge magnets with a fish theme are fun for kids or anyone who loves sea life critters.

I call this set of (3) hand painted magnets my 'Fish Series' you'd suspect...they feature a handful of cute little fish. Each magnet was created using a small piece of scrap wood that I hand painted with acrylic paints and then varnished for protection. On the back I glued a heavy 3/4" wide circular magnet that is 1/8" thick.

The first magnet is square shaped and measures 2" tall x 2" wide x 3/4" thick. The background is painted in what I call a 'gradient' design...bright blue blending into a yellow green shade. It is adorned with a whimsical orange fish jumping out of the water...perhaps trying to get away from a bigger fish??? Hmmm...who knows? ;)

The second magnet measures 3 3/8" wide x 1 3/8" tall x 3/4" thick. It has a dark blue background and is detailed with a variety of colorful fish and bubbles.

The third and final magnet in this series measures 1" wide x 3 5/8" tall x 3/4" thick. This magnet has a gradient background...dark lilac blending into a bright green apple shade. Than I detailed it with a very pale green-yellow seaweed plant with tiny pink flowers, a few orange fish and bunches of bubbles floating up to the surface.

I've painted lots and lots of fish designs over the years and they are always so fun. The whimsicality of the under water world sets my imagination in overdrive!
If you have any questions please feel free to let me know...I'm glad to help however I can.

Thanks for looking!

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'Fish Magnets' - Set of (3) Decorative Magnets - $10.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

Fish Magnets - Cute Magnets - Decorative Magnets - Copyright 2009 by Jane M. Loedding of Jane Loedding Art
Fish Magnets - Cute Magnets - Decorative Magnets (Angle View) - Copyright 2009 by Jane M. Loedding of Jane Loedding Ar
***My fish magnets have sold. If you would like a set let me know. I can create another although it won't be exactly the same.***
Fish Magnets - Cute Magnets - Decorative Magnets

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