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 "Owls at Night Collage Painting" 8" x 10" flat canvas panel......$60.00 + FREE shipping!!

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Owl Themed Collage Painting - Owl Decor and Artwork - Owl Decorations

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Owl themed decorations and artwork are trendy. I wasn't a fan this decor fad at first, but after putting my own spin on the theme I realized I could make it more fun and whimsical. I painted a few owl themed room decorations for kids and the theme grew on me and I became hooked!

I recall from my childhood that owls were a big theme and over the last few years I noticed that many artists and crafters were recreating that 70's style owl theme. I wasn't crazy about that retro style so I assume that's what caused me to scratch my head in confusion as to why this theme was so popular. But finally the day came when I had to face the fact that I didn't have a choice and I had to work with this theme. I was presented with a request from a customer to create a growth chart with an owl theme. My customer requested that the growth chart have girly pastel colors which set my mind at ease. Using the browns and the oranges from the retro style just wasn't for me. So I went to work and created something more to my liking. A few weeks later destiny called and I got more orders for this theme. It grew on me and now I love to paint these fun and colorful owls.

This collage painting began with layers of paper that were glued onto an 8"x10" flat canvas panel. Then I splatter painted the background. Afterwards I applied prints from a sign I created that featured bright and colorful owls. Using more and more layers of paint and papers this is what I ended up with...two colorful owls at night sitting in the trees above the sweet little neighborhood.

I varnished it for protection so it comes to you ready to hang. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

***Note: Watermark is for copyright protection and will not appear on your painting.

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