Trinkets for the Home - Trinket Gifts - Little Trinkets

Trinkets for the home include handmade refrigerator magnets that are painted, wood burned or decoupaged. Plus I also have hand painted drawer pulls and cabinets knobs and more fun home decor items in the works. I also have trinket gifts such as wearable art pendants and wooden jewelry! Stay tuned for more fun little trinkets that I can create for you or your loved ones.

Handmade Refrigerator Magnets - Refrigerator Magnets - Hand Painted Magnets

I began creating handmade refrigerator magnets a few years ago. With a crates of scrap wood pieces staring me in the face I decided to begin recycling the pieces that could be salvaged. Each handmade magnet is created with a small piece of scrap wood that has been sanded and either hand painted, wood burned or decoupaged with prints of my original artwork on them. They are unique, original and fun!

Wearable Art Pendants - Wearable Art Jewelry - Art Pendants Charms and Pins

My venture into creating wearable art pendants and jewelry began when I grew tired of seeing a basket in my art room that was overflowing with leftover scrap wood pieces and never knowing what to do with it. Along with this scrap wood I also have an enourmous inventory of images of my past creations on file. I felt the need to combine these valuable resources. Then voila! My line of wearable art pendants and jewelry was born!

Hand Painted Drawer Pulls - Hand Painted Cabinet Knobs - Hand Painted Nail Covers

Hand painted drawer pulls are a darling way to liven up any drawer or cabinet door in any room of your home. Made of solid birch our hand painted cabinet knobs are fun, whimsical and cheery!

OR use your knobs as decorative nail covers. Do you have a little plaque or piece of art displayed from a ribbon or wire yet it hangs from your wall on an unattractive nail? If so you can use one of these little knobs as a pretty nail cover! It's a fun way to liven up your decor.

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Trinkets for the Home - Trinket Gifts - Little Trinkets