Wall Decor Paintings - Original Art Paintings

My wall decor and original art paintings include original acrylic paintings and a  few colorful watercolor paintings. I use a  broad spectrum of colors and nature based themes in my original art. You'll see that some of my wall decorations can be a  bit silly or quirky and are better suited for a child's room. But I also have sweet and simple paintings that will fit the tastes of adults, too. Whatever you need I feel confident that you'll find something you like!

Acrylic Paintings - Original Acrylic Paintings - Acrylic Art Paintings

My original acrylic paintings are the heart and soul of my business simply because I prefer painting with acrylic paints more than any other medium. With that being said I have a large variety of paintings in my stash. Most of my acrylic paintings are filled with lots of color. And while I tend to become inspired from the beauty of the outdoors, every so often I get in the mood for abstract designs as well.

Original Watercolor Paintings - Watercolor Paintings

My original watercolor paintings are limited because painting in this medium is somewhat new to me. Therefore I only have a few simple yet colorful watercolor paintings listed for sale at this time. But my daughter has wonderful creative abilities so a few of the watercolor paintings displayed here are her own unique creations. Please feel free to browse around and check everything out...
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Wall Decor Paintings - Original Art Paintings