Wood Burnings - Pyrography

Wood burning - also known as pyrography - is another art form I enjoy. But my wood burned art is created a bit differently because I add a layer of beautiful color on the completed wood burned image. However, unlike most artists who share an interest in the medium, I love to add lots of colors onto my wood burnings. I have a handful of colorful wood burnings in my inventory. I've even gotten into creating wood burned jewelry...something unique, colorful and fun.

Wood Burned Art - Wood Burning Art

My wood burned art is created a bit differently than most. While I use the same wood burning tools that perhaps you used when you were a teenager I've taken my wood burning art form to the next level by adding a beautiful layer of color. I just couldn't leave well enough alone! As with most of my other artistic creations I tend to rely on the things I find in nature as my inspiration. Take a look around...you might find something you like!

Wood Burned Jewelry - Wood Burning Jewelry

I began creating wood burned jewelry a few years ago. I've had small pieces of scrap wood sitting in a crate in my work area for a while. I couldn't throw it away because I always felt that there was some use for it. Finally one day the idea for creating wooden jewelry popped into my mind. At the time I was playing around with my wood burned art so I combined the two ideas and here we are! Feel free to take a look around...you might be surprised!
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Wood Burnings - Pyrography