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Wood Mounted Prints - Mounted Art Prints - Mounted Prints

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While I am now offering my prints in this wood block style I haven't had a chance to add them to my site yet. If you see a print that you like and are interested in the wood block style let me know via email and I'll let you know what I currently have available.

Thanks for your patience while I build the new pages of my website!

Wood mounted art prints simply put are art prints that are permanently adhered to or mounted onto a piece of wood. I am happy to say that I am now offering wood mounted art prints to my inventory.

I've spent that last 10 years selling my own paintings and drawings and I've kept a huge inventory of photos of all of my original artworks. Since I just recently decided to offer art prints of my original work, I also thought these wood mounted prints would be interesting as well.

A sawtooth hanger is attached to the back for ease of hanging. Or if you want another way to display your prints you can easily stand the print on a mantle, table, desk or where ever since the wood block is so thick. Pretty versatile!

Each art print is a reproduction of an original painting, drawing or wood burning that I created. Some of the art prints I offer will be a part or a snippet of an original painting or drawing of my own. And some art prints will feature a combination of different parts of different painting or drawings.

I have a multitude of images of my artwork in stock so there are a variety of combinations that I can create into art prints. You never know what I'll come up with so make sure to come back often to see my newly added prints.

Below you'll see a sample of how they look. More coming soon.